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Production Photos

The Theatre Arts Department maintains professionally photographed photos of our main-stage productions. Rather than keep them to ourselves, we have made some of the these photos available to the public. This collection represents a small portion of our collection, but we hope it will be entertaining and enlightening to alumni, students, faculty and anyone else who supports the Department.

We are so pleased to share our wealth of production photos with everyone online through the Department’s Facebook page. There have been many questions about the photos, so here is a quick FAQ.

Q: Why are the photos only on Facebook?

A: The Theatre Arts website does not have the bandwidth to hold 40 years of production photos, nor does it have an effective method of tagging subjects of the photos. Since the Facebook photo sharing functionality is user-friendly and features unlimited storage space, the decision was made to store the photos on Facebook. However, the page is open to the public, so you do not need to be a member of Facebook to view the photos. The social aspect of Facebook allows alumni to reconnect and communicate with former classmates and with the Department.

Q: Where did these photos come from?

A: Since 1970, the Theatre Arts Department has kept a photographic record of the majority of our main stage productions, and some of the student showcases. Although the photographer on record has not been recorded, most likely the photographs were taken by Boise State University Photographic Services or by students and faculty of the Theatre Arts Department.

Q: What format are the photos in?

A: Photos from 1968-2004 are on 35mm slides. Most of them have been unavailable from the public because this format was not readily accessible. Photos taken from 2005 – current are digital, and are easier for the Department to share and use. Since the primary goal of the scanning project is to make the photos readily available to everyone online, the slides are scanned low-res for use primarily on the web.

Q: Why am I just now seeing these photos?

A:In 2012, the Department undertook a huge project to scan a selection of slides from each production and share them online though Facebook. Each show has about 25-30 slides, so we have selected a few to represent the production. With the new Facebook timeline feature, Carrie Applegate in the Theatre Arts Department decided it was the perfect opportunity to make these photos available once again to the world. With the help of Theatre Arts student, Tony Hartshorn, the slides were taken from the plastic sheets, and transferred to archival quality sleeves and then scanned.

Q: Why do some of the photos look better than others?

A: The quality of the more recent slides is usually determined by the age of the slide. The more recent slides from the 1990’s -2000’s still retain their vivid colors and have not started to degrade with age. Using the archival quality equipment at the Albertson’s Library Special Collections Department, Hartshorn was able to get high quality digital copies of the more recent slides. Sadly, the slides from the 1980’s and before have started to loose color and brightness. The slide team decided since the overall quality of the slide was compromised, the in-house slide scanner of the Theatre Arts Department would be adequate for the remainder of the project.

Q: What will happen to the slides after a selection has been scanned?

A: The slides will be housed within the Special Collections of the Albertsons Library. They have the facilities in place for long-term archiving and storage. The Library also has capabilities to provide high-quality scans to the public for a nominal fee. The slides will join the collection of printed and digital programs from Theatre Arts productions throughout the history of the University.

Q: Can I order reprints of these photos?

A: Special Collections of the Albertsons Library can create high resolution scan of the slide for your own personal use for a nominal fee. To contact Special Collections: Phone: 208-426-1204 • Email:

Q: Sometimes the slides on Facebook include a link to the program from the production, how does this work?

A: The Theatre Arts Department provides copies of all its programs, posters and promotional materials to Special Collections. Special Collections has begun the enormous task of digitizing their collection and making it available through ScholarWorks. ScholarWorks is a collection of services designed to capture and showcase all scholarly output by the Boise State University community. By using the search function on the website, you can locate Journal articles, Theses, Dissertations, Presentations, Datasets, Working papers and pre-prints, Technical reports, University documents, Books, series, and journals, Images, and Video and sounds files.

Q: Who owns the images shot by university photographers and held by Theatre Arts and Special Collections

A: Boise State University and are maintained by the Theatre Arts Department, Special Collections and Photographic Services.

Q: Can I just download an image from Theatre Arts Facebook Page or Website or copy one that I see in a university publication to use in my own brochure or Web site?

A: No. Using images without permission from the photographer or owner of the photographs is illegal. Copyright laws protect images that belong to Boise State University.

Q: Are there other considerations if I get an image off the Web?

A: Yes. Images on the Web are low resolution and will not reproduce well in printed publications. Special Collections can help you determine if a higher-quality version of the image is required and help you get it. Remember, copyright law protects photos on the Web. There could be legal ramifications if you take an image from someone else’s site.

Q: What if a photo is listed incorrectly for the wrong production?

A: Please comment on the photo and let us know where it does belong. We will move it to the correct album. Many of the slides are very poorly labeled, or not labeled but included with the incorrect show, so we appreciate any assistance you can provide with organizing the collection.

Q: How does tagging in the Theatre Arts photos work?

A: Facebook allows users to tag their friends in photos. The Theatre Arts Department has opened this up so that anyone can tag anyone else in the photos. However, you can control who can tag you through the Facebook privacy settings at

Q: How does commenting on the Theatre Arts photos work?

A: We appreciate that these photos will encourage discussions including memories, anecdotes and other personal information. However, we will delete comments that are deemed inappropriate for language or subject matter. Remember, this is a conversation the whole world can read, and the Theatre Arts Department still maintains editorial control over its website and Facebook page.

Q: Where are the Theatre Majors Association’s photos?

A: The Theatre Arts Department supports the Theatre Majors Association as it can with publicity and photo archives. However, any photos taken from TMA productions are the sole responsibility of TMA. As we build our knowledge of which productions were from the Department and which were TMA/Student Showcases we will work together to provide TMA with any photos we find from our archiving processes. The Facebook page for TMA.


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